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What is I Was the Final Boss about?

I Was the Final Boss is a South Korean manhwa written by LuckS and illustrated by JINHO. It tells the story of Baphomet, the monstrous ruler of the Abyssal Tower, who grows bored with his endless existence and longs to experience the world of humans. When he is finally defeated by the strongest Hunter, Raven, Baphomet is granted his wish and reborn as a human baby. However, he retains no memories of his past life and must start anew in a world he once viewed with disdain.

What are the main characters in I Was the Final Boss?

Baphomet: The former ruler of the Abyssal Tower, now reborn as a human baby. He is kind and curious, but also struggles to adapt to his new life and understand his past.
Raven: The strongest Hunter and Baphomet's former adversary. She is now tasked with raising Baphomet as her own child.
Seraphina: A powerful mage and Raven's closest friend. She becomes a mentor to Baphomet and helps him learn about his magic abilities.
Gabriel: The leader of the Hunters' Guild and Raven's rival. He views Baphomet with suspicion and distrust, fearing that he may one day return to his former power.

What are the themes of I Was the Final Boss?

Redemption: Baphomet seeks to atone for his past sins and live a virtuous life as a human.
Second chances: The story explores the idea of starting over and making new choices.
Nature vs. nurture: Baphomet must grapple with his monstrous heritage and decide who he truly wants to be.
The power of friendship and family: Raven and Seraphina's love and support help Baphomet grow and overcome his challenges.

Is I Was the Final Boss good?

I Was the Final Boss has been praised for its interesting premise, well-developed characters, and beautiful artwork. It is a heartwarming and action-packed story that will appeal to fans of fantasy, isekai, and coming-of-age stories.

Where can I read I Was the Final Boss?

I Was the Final Boss is available to read on